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AppRemind was founded after our friends’ clients kept missing appointments.  They would always claim “We forgot!” and honestly, we don’t blame them.  But missed appointments mean wasted time for you, and wasted time means lost revenue.  An extra free hour here and there is fine sometimes, but it’s better spent as vacations and bonuses.
 AppRemind helps automate appointment rescheduling to offer space in your schedule to people who can come in.  We also aim to integrate with every platform that matters to your clients.  Our software can send appointments and reminders via Phone, SMS, Email, Facebook and iOS app.  We offer iCalendar and Google Calendar integration as well, so we won’t bug your more organized clients.  Our easy to use dashboard can offer support for multiple calendars, so you can schedule appointments with more than one person, and block off time for breaks in the schedule.

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Easy to use GUI

Our easy to use GUI will make your office managers happy.  Scheduling your appointments has never been easier or more intuitive.

Mobile Friendly

With our HTML 5 compatible front end, now you can use your mobile device to log into our easy to use dashboard via iOS and Android.

Quick Setup

Setting up your account is easy.  Just pick a plan, login and upload contacts to start confirming appointments on the spot. 

Dedicated Support

We have a team of dedicated support staff to help you 7 days a week, if you need help all you have to do is ask.

What do we provide?

Simple Phone Reminders

Our system allows you to send a call to your customers with your own voice recording or with a Text to Speech (TTS) message, Text (SMS) Message, Email, Facebook or iOS alert.  Our system integrates with Google Calendar and iCalendar to add alerts to your clients existing calendars.  Your customers will have the option to easily cancel or reschedule their appointment by pressing a key during a call, or replying to an email or text message.  Your office manager will be able to easily view the status of your appointments with a color coded system on our API.  This all adds up to more time spent with customers and clients, and easier to use streamlined system, and more revenue in your pocket.  Help grow your business with automated appointment reminders in the cloud!

Powerful SMS

Our SMS Gateway not only reminds your clients of their appointment by custom text message, but allows them to respond with a confirmation or the option to reschedule or cancel.  If they cannot make the appointment, our automated rescheduling features will offer them a new appointment when there is open space in your schedule.

Email Reminders

Our Email Reminders offer clients an easy way to confirm or reschedule appointments without having to get on the phone.  You can customize the email through our easy to use Web API, so your message reads just how you want it to.  We believe in a seamless experience for your clients, so they can import email notifications of new appointments to their existing Google Calendar or iCalendar.

We send out email reminder with a response form attach to it so you know if they confirmed via email message.

Clients can customize which alerts they will receive, so we’re never bugging anyone, just sending helpful reminders!







You can customize your alerts to include :

  • Voice Reminders
  • SMS Reminders (Text Messages)
  • Email Reminders
  • iOS Dashboard
  • Social Reminders
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • iCalendar Integration



How can we help?

AppRemind began when we saw the need for an easy appointment scheduling and reminder solution that was easy to use, scalable, and affordable for any sized organization.  We’ve created a multi-platform cloud based solution to easily manage your organization’s appointments.  Your customers and clients will love us too, rescheduling appointments has never been more convenient.


About Us

We are a thriving group of software developers and engineers and professionals that come from the Telecom, Software Development, and Business spheres.  We realized that we could offer a service that helps businesses care for their customers and that it was something that we could personally and professionally be passionate about, and have fun building and maintaining.  AppRemind is like a family, and we’re excited to extend that to you.  We’ve built our business from the ground up, and really care for and appreciate all of our customers.

Our Growth Together

Software automating appointments, rescheduling, reminders and is not an easy job, but with the advanced integration we have been working on, we’ve seen nothing but growth.  We’ve been offering a great service to business owners that are growing, and a key function is to make sure that you maximize your ROI by retaining more customers. We view ourselves as partners in a part of your business and our goal is to get your customers and clients to your doors.

Using AppRemind
Manually calling/emailing




Get Started

Getting Started with Appremind 




1. Enter the username you created at sign up 2. Enter your password




We created an easy to use shortcut section that show you stats within your account and will help your company quickly setup appointments and customers.

1.  Add new customer  2. Add new staff member 3. Add credit to your account 4. Schedule an appointment 5. view all appointments



Displays customers list.

1. Add New customer 2. Customers 3. Deleted Customer List 4. Import customers 5. Search



The staff module can help businesses schedule appointments with different staff members within a company.

1. Staff list 2. Deleted staff list 3. Add new staff



The receptionist module let’s you create an account that can schedule appointments but doesn’t allow them to see billing information.

1. Receptionist list 2. Deleted receiptionist list 3. Add new receptionist


(626) 537-9210


The messages module gives you the ability to also directly email your customers. one by one or all your customers together.

1. Compose message 2. Inbox count



The billing module will helps you keep any contact information that is used for billing.

1. Billing list 2. Account billing information 3. Add extra credits 4. Change plan tier



The appointments calendar is the heart of how you can manage your office appointments.

1. Appointments list 2. Import Appointments 3. Add an appointment based on date 4. Add appointment button 5. Change calendar view



As you start creating appointments, we built a reporting engine that keeps track of all appointment data inside your account.

1. View all 2. Voice reports 3. SMS reports 4. Email reports 5. Search expand button 6. Download appointments via CSV file



The templates module helps you create custom Email, SMS, Voice templates quickly and effectively.

1. Email templates 2. SMS 3. Voice (phone calls)

If you have any questions please feel free to 309-517-8377


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